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We live in a time where we as women need each others support more than ever before. If you want to spend time with a group of wonderful women, and if you need a friend to support you, or if you want to support someone, then WELCOME!!! 

Invite women you know. We will talk and help each other become good daughters, wives, mothers and grandmothers!

Ladies Group Service is held every last Friday of each month.

Woman's Cooking Club

Join us for cooking classes.

Ladies Christmas Tea Party

Every year, we host an all ladies tea party for the Holidays.

All Ladies Welcome

We welcome all ages, 18 and up. Connect with other woman.


Join us now.

Svetlana Sinsheimer

Svetlana Sinsheimer

Founder of W2W Ladies Group

Women need encouragement as never before. Because of the trends in our society, women feel isolated, disconnected, and stressed. They no longer have the family support that many had years ago. Women today have very different lives than the women of the 60’s. Almost seventy percent of women work outside of the home, either full or part time. Of those, forty percent have preschoolers, and thirty-six percent are single.

Throughout the scriptures we see that God placed women together in relationships to encourage each other and provide a place of retreat. God sent Mary to Elizabeth, Ruth to Naomi, etc. He continues to place women together for support, accountability, and friendship. That is why we have the Ladies Group Woman To Woman services in our church.

Our Mission is to provide a safe place for women to meet God and make friends. We welcome every woman into this group.


Svetlana Sinsheimer

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