We live in a time in our society where boys are no longer encouraged to be masculine. Boys are being taught to be hyper-sensitive to the point that they are shamed if they show any signs of masculinity. Many boys are growing up without a father, which is greatly harming their growth as true men. Some boys are being taught that being a man means being just like the guy friends that they hang out with. That by doing what all the other guys do will somehow make them cool and others will accept them. The peer pressure that is placed on our young boys to be someone that they are not is so burdensome that they don’t know where to turn. Remember the days when men were gentlemen? They were raised with a balance of love and discipline that turned them into God fearing gentlemen. Our society needs this sound method of discipline and love again. Our boys need to know that being a man doesn’t mean doing what everyone else is doing. Being a man means recognizing God’s love for you and realizing His plan for your life as a young man. And being totally secure in who you are as a male, while pursuing Christ as your ultimate example of masculinity and security. The core values of the group GNTeens/Rangers is to instill within them these principles while guiding them into a personal relationship with Christ, who is the foundation of their identity as boys.

Our mission is to present a semi military, bible based group, which teaches boys how to become men in every area of their life.

Our motto is: For God, For Family, For Country.

If you have boys between the ages of 6 and 18, and you would like them to partake in this group for the year of 2019-2020, please fill out the application.

Sincerely, Jeremiah Sinsheimer

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Jun 01 2023


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Good News Christian Church
3575 W 96th Ave, Westminster, CO 80031


(720) 341-1058

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