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Have you ever thought about what mercy really looks like? Have you ever wondered how mercy could be explained? In this book, you will see mercy unfold before your very eyes through the love of Jesus Christ toward a man that had lost all sense of hope.

You will see what happens when a person who thinks that they are alone in this life and that there is no point in trying to go on meets the only one who could change his life with one simple act of mercy. One simple word from the mouth of Jesus Christ sets a man free from the chains of his past!

This man is found lying on mercy’s porch, and the owner of mercy’s house just came home to extend mercy to him even when he didn’t truly know how to ask for it. One moment with the Author of mercy, and the man’s life is radically changed!

See how this mercy is also extended to you even when you think that you are hopeless and unloved! He still is extending mercy to the sinner, grace to the humble, and love to the unloved. You too can be radically changed by mercy. All you have to do is encounter the one who freely gives it to you. Come to mercy’s porch and find the miracle of mercy that will forever change your life!

Rebound, Return, Restore reveals one of the most beautiful stories of redemption. Most people feel like they have gone too far for God to redeem them. Yet one of the oldest stories in the Bible shows us that this is not the case.

If you feel like you could never bounce back from your past mistakes, like it’s too late to return to a right relationship with Christ, and He could never restore all that was lost, then this is the book for you! Don’t be bound by your past and don’t give up on your future. Come back to a place of hope found in Christ. You will find answers to questions like these:

Have I gone too far?

Does God love me?

Can I come back to the place I once was?

Will Christ redeem all that I lost?

This book helps you to return to a place of peace and hope in Christ and empowers you to live a life that is no longer hindered by your mistakes or failures.

This book is like reading a devotional about Peter’s life. Every question is the same question that every believer deals with. Answers to how to release your breakthrough are in this book. If you have a lack of faith, your faith will grow as you read. If you are full of shame, you will be redeemed as you read your own story in Peter’s life. As my friend Jeremiah said, “Peter was real!”

No games! Because he was real, he got real raw answers from Jesus! Those answers wait for you as you dive into the revelations of this book…Your understanding of how GOD loves you will go through a major shift! This book will truly shift the atmosphere of your life!

-Philip Renner

Evangelist, Singer, Speaker, Author

Brother Jeremiah is a pastor in the U.S. and speaks very good Russian and has a heart for people, especially the Slavic people. It was an honor to meet him at the school of ministry where I teach. And before that, we met a few times in churches in Colorado, and I am blessed by this brother. He sent me this book, and I read it. It is about the life of Peter and can be a good lesson for every person who reads it. When you read this book, you feel that everyone has a part of Peter in them, with your falling down and rising up. But most importantly, Peter stood on his feet and became an apostle. I think that this book will help anyone who has their doubts. God bless you as you read this book.

-Arthur Simonyan